The leadership and the growth model of UAE

Inspiration can be taken from anywhere. Lessons are all around us to enrich our experience and to guide us how to shape up our individual careers and how to navigate our companies in good times or in choppy weather. One of these inspirations or lessons can be taken from the leadership and the growth model of UAE. The leadership vision, dedication and consistency of strategy in different economic and geopolitical environments can teach us how to shape up our career, corporate strategies and even our countries of origin. Single minded focus on growth and dedicated hard work leaving all ceteris paribus assumptions aside can create wonders. The leadership dilemma of growth first vs investment first is answered beautifully by the UAE growth model.

It has been a phenomenal journey to grow individually and intellectually with this amazing nation which has become home to us for the last 18 years and which gave us so many exciting opportunities and amazing friends over the years.

A well deserved happy 51st anniversary to all my Emirati and expat friends of UAE.

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